Forest Adventure and Archery Camps

We welcome children aged 6-16 to Forest Adventure and Archery Camps. An average of 15-20 children take part in a round. The popularity of our camps is shown by the fact that we can welcome more and more acquaintances and returning children every year, and there are even children who spend several weeks of summer vacation in our camp.

The aim of our camps is to tear children out of the virtual world for a week, to enrich them with near-natural and environmentally conscious experiences.

Which child shouldn’t be touched by a common fire, survival exercises, fighting games, archery, to hide in the clothes of our ancestors and to fight with weapons from the 10th century, to sing ancient songs, to play the drums, to take part in an adventure tour? But the real secret of our popularity is that we operate as a real little team, experiencing the lifestyles of our predecessors within a historically authentic framework. And in this close-to-nature lifestyle, every child takes pleasure, and in the small team, everyone can easily find their place. We often find that children who have been declared problematic elsewhere, or have been diagnosed as hyperactive, or who are otherwise struggling, integrate perfectly into our community and work well with their peers.

Our camps are based on two different themes, but they form an integral part:

  - Archery

In our camps, children learn about traditional bows, archery. They gain theoretical and practical knowledge from archery, and on the last day of the camp they testify to their knowledge in a playful house competition. Here’s how we are able to defeat our opponents and ourselves. In our experience, archery improves concentration, so it is also recommended for children with attention deficit disorders. In addition, archers can gain insight into the life, way of life and martial arts of nomadic Hungarians, thus enriching their historical knowledge.


Field hunting for real size 3d animal figures

Puck shooting

Archery competition

Battle cross, battle star throwing

Throwing knife


Spear throwing

  - Forest adventures

Our exciting, adventurous forest adventure programs are a transition between emergency survival and learning about the natural way of life, simplifying orientation, mapping, camouflage, shelter, and fire-fighting techniques for children during forest and night tours. The acquired knowledge is also used in adulthood, if necessary.


Adventure tours

Night tours

Survival programs

Shelter construction

Fire ignition techniques

Orientation knowledge

  - Programs in the yurt

Hungarian prehistory

Interactive weaponry, wear tutorial

Living history clock

Folk music

Folk dance

Craft occupations

Folk children's toys

We provide meals three times a day for campers and once a day for daycare. If you want to have a memorable experience for a long time for your child and yourself in a beautiful environment, visit us at the Magna Hungaria Yurt Camp and Archery Course!

We hope to see you soon, we look forward to seeing you!